October 2014

Web server

Modern automation technology increasingly integrates internet technologies with Ethernet-based PLCs , for example, direct access to the PLC system via the intranet. During the test and commissioning phase, the commissioning engineer wants to have flexible access to the CPU; individual… Continue reading →

Robotic Pickup and Drop Arm

In material handling industry it is very essential to identify and classify materials as per their characteristics from a moving conveyor. An automated system will be effective on the handling. Items Required: ¬†PLC with 4 DI & 4 DO ¬†Inductive… Continue reading →


The solar tracker is used to orient various payloads toward the sun in order to trap the energy to the maximum extent. Payloads can be photovoltaic cells, reflectors, lenses or other optical devices. This tracker circuit finds the sun at… Continue reading →

Remote Control Switch on fingertips

Communications between deaf mute and a normal person have always been a challenging task. The project aims to facilitate people by means of a glove based deaf mute communication interpreter system. The glove is internally equipped with five flex sensors,… Continue reading →

Application of computer and modern automation System for Protection and optimum use of High Voltage

High voltage power transformer is widely used in all over the world as generation of electrical power in either voltage level. In power-transformer lots of equipment working together like cooling fan, Buchholz relay, breather, bushing, differential relay and so on…. Continue reading →

Monitoring the PLC memory status using Excel

Monitoring the PLC memory status using Excel – IPCS Automation


Synopsis:- In industrial production , special processing of parts is often required. If Computer and soft system controlled automatically parts process, that will guarantee the quality of parts and reduce resource consumption. The roller used in the industry of Ship… Continue reading →

IPCS have signed MoU with SNS College of Technology for their PLC , SCADA, HMI, VFD Training

IPCS have signed MoU with Department of ECE and EIE of SNS College of Technology. The purpose of the MoU is, To improve the skill set of engineering students in Industrial and Marine Automation Projects. To bridge the gap between… Continue reading →

PLC Web Server Communication over WiFi

IPCS Automation Provides Automation Training, PLC Training, SCADA Training, DCS Training, HMI Training, VFD Training, Control Panel Designing.

Corporate Training at KMML LTD.

IPCS conducted corporate training at Kerala Minerals and Metals Ltd (KMML), Kollam. The senior chemical engineers, Instrumentation engineers, and DCS operators have attended the training program conducted on 21st and 22nd of April 2014. Engineers and Technicians from Malayala Manorama,… Continue reading →

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