January 2015

Texas Instruments launches industry first highly integrated NFC sensor transponder

Texas Instruments (TI) announced the industry first flexible high frequency 13.56 MHz sensor transponder family using NFC Technology. The highly integrated ultra-low-power RF430FRL15xH system-on-chip (SoC) family combines an ISO 15693-compliant Near Field Communication (NFC) interface with a programmable microcontroller (MCU),… Continue reading →

SignalFire: Wireless Remote Shutdown System

Remote Shutdown System (RSDS) can shut down wells or other assets remotely with the fail-safe logic necessary for wireless operation of critical systems. In challenging environments, such as oil fields, equipment often needs to be shut down remotely. For instance,… Continue reading →


Siemens has unveiled the first electric series production vehicle with the central electronics and software architecture RACE. This technology, developed in the research project of the same name, replaces the entire control system with standard hardware and a kind of… Continue reading →

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