February 2015


An intelligent diagnostic system from Siemens can monitor the condition of mechanical equipment just by analyzing the noises it makes. The system s sensors listen to machine noises in the same way that a doctor listens to a patient s… Continue reading →

Solar Charge Controller

Since the brighter the sunlight, the more voltage the solar cells produce, the excessive voltage could damage the batteries. A charge controller is used to maintain the proper charging voltage on the batteries. As the input voltage from the solar… Continue reading →


The MultiHop Ethernet Data Radio system provides extremely reliable communication in large plants, over long distances, or through difficult terrain. A network can easily cover many square miles and has a raw bit rate of 300Kbps. Master, Repeater, and Slave… Continue reading →

Differential Pressure Level Transmitters

The importance of level measurement cannot be overstated. Incorrect or inappropriate measurements can cause levels in vessels to be excessively higher or lower than their measured values. Vessels operating at incorrect intermediate levels can result in poor operating conditions and… Continue reading →


New sensor combinations are emerging in the sensor market as combining those cuts the overall costs of the sensors. Putting several sensors on a package, such as accelerators and gyroscopes is becoming more commonplace. Miniaturization is an interesting trend. Miniaturization… Continue reading →

Low Power Factor Impacts

As well as the power that is used in equipment (heating, lighting, driving motors), known as real power, a site may also draw power which is not directly used, known as reactive power. The combination of two is known as… Continue reading →

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