March 2015

Energy Saving Motor Management

Contrary to the worlds challenged economic health, energy costs continue to escalate. Better management of energy consumption and the reduction of resultant costs will be an essential component to a companys economic well-being for the near and distant future. In… Continue reading →

Rockwell Automation Adds Mobile Capabilities to FactoryTalk

Manufacturers now have the freedom to use any digital device to easily access optimized performance metrics and data analytics from plant floors and machines, thanks to new capabilities embedded in the FactoryTalk VantagePoint EMI v6.0 software from Rockwell Automation. The… Continue reading →

New S7-1511C from Siemens

Siemens introduces Simatic S7-1511C and S7-1512C controllers that combine CPU including front display with inputs and outputs in one enclosure. The Simatic S7-1511C with 32 digital IO ports is 85 millimeters wide and Simatic S7-1512C with 64 digital IO connections… Continue reading →

PID Control – Application

When do you use a PID controller? Figure shows a picture of an example system to which a user might connect a PID controller. The figure shows a water tank sitting atop a hot plate, with a temperature control device… Continue reading →

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