May 2017

Difference between PNP and NPN when describing 3 wire connection of a sensor

Most industrial proximity sensors (inductive, capacitive, ultrasonic and photo electric) are solid state. The term solid state refers to the type of components used within the sensor. Solid state electronic components such as transistors are used to switch the output… Continue reading →

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

A Network Attached Storage (NAS) device is a storage device connected to a network that allows storage and retrieval of data from a centralized location for authorized network users and heterogeneous clients. NAS devices are flexible and scale-out, meaning that… Continue reading →

Video Transcoding

Video trans-coding is the translation of one digital video format into another to make videos view able across different platforms and devices and is typically used to mean translating all three elements of a digital video at the same time… Continue reading →

IP Network CCTV Storage Requirements

IP Network CCTV Storage Requirements In choosing your storage device, there are two key considerations. First, the device must have adequate storage capacity for the application. Second, the compression method must be compatible with that of the rest of the… Continue reading →

Video compression standard – H.264

With many users now requiring CCTV recordings for 90+ days the focus has been placed on the storage costs of IP Video systems.Best compression technology and the right storage architecture IP- CCTV systems can easily accommodate this requirement. There are… Continue reading →

Radar Transmitters

Radar technology is mainly put into use for detection of level in continuous level measurement applications. Radar level transmitters provide non contact type of level measurement in case of liquids in a metal tank. They make use of EM i.e…. Continue reading →

Distributed control system (DCS)

A distributed control system (DCS) is a platform for automated control and operation of a plant or industrial process. A DCS combines the following into a single automated system: human machine interface (HMI), logic solvers, historian, common database, alarm management,… Continue reading →

Video Encoders / CCTV Encoders

Video encoders which is also called as video servers are widely used to enable an existing analog CCTV video surveillance system to be integrated with a network video system. Video encoders play an important role where many analog cameras are… Continue reading →

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