June 2017

ePac Controller : – MODICON M580

Modicon M580 ePAC is the innovative Ethernet Programmable Automation Controller that lets you drive productivity and boost performance while preparing for the future. The new high-end Modicon M580 Ethernet Programmable Automation Controller (ePAC) features Redundant Processors, native Ethernet, and cyber-security… Continue reading →

Induction Motors Losses

Contrary to popular belief, induction motors consume very little electrical energy. Instead, they convert electrical energy to mechanical torque (energy). Interestingly enough, the only component more efficient than the motor, in a motor system, is the transformer. The mechanical torque… Continue reading →

Signal Conditioning (Sensors)

Signal conditioning is one of the most important components of a data acquisition system because the accuracy of the measurement cannot be relied without optimizing real-world signals for the digitizer in use. The signal conditioning will vary widely depending on… Continue reading →

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