July 2017

Speed ​​Plc is a complete system that allows you produce a PLC. It consists of Speed ​​Plc editor software (the program that runs in your computer) and firmware (operating system loaded in the chip or board). With Speed ​​Plc editor… Continue reading →

Control Valve

Actuator Part For valve control, it will be classified as  either a Phenumatic, Motorized and Hydrolics but is commonly used in our  industry, it is Phenumatic Actuator Actuator or controlled by the wind  itself. For easy maintenance Actuator simple structure… Continue reading →


Desigo is the most flexible building management system of its time .With its flexible programming, scalability and modular design, it simplifies the control, monitoring and optimization of one or more disciplines in a building. The integrated management system maximizes safety… Continue reading →

Why Positioners for Control Valve

MINIMIZING FRICTION Positioners minimize friction effects of valve stem packing and the resulting hysteresis. This is especially beneficial for high temperature packing materials like graphite. INCREASES USAGE OF 4-20 mAELECTRONIC SIGNALS I/Ps can be located in the positioner that is… Continue reading →

Ultrasonic Level Measurement

Ultrasonic waves detect an object in the same way as Radar does it. Ultrasonic uses the sound waves, and Radar uses radio waves. When ultrasonic pulse signal is targeted towards an object, it is reflected by the object and echo… Continue reading →

The Future Factory

The employees’ individual time management will be optimally aligned with the company’s human resources requirements. That’s because, the factory of the future will be highly flexible and organized like a living Internet in which everything and everyone is networked. “The… Continue reading →

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