Speed ​​Plc is a complete system that allows you produce a PLC. It consists of Speed ​​Plc editor
software (the program that runs in your computer) and firmware (operating system loaded in the
chip or board). With Speed ​​Plc editor program you can prepare plc code in ladder language. The
code you have prepared will be operated by the firmware. With the Speed ​​Plc editor program you
can control all the features of Plc.

In order for Raspberry Pi to be a true plc, the inputs and outputs used by the plc system will
be needed.
 Run / Stop button.
 Run Led.
 Stop Led.
 Plc shutdown detection input.  Persistent values ​​should be stored to the disk by the
firmware when the plc shutdown. With this signal, shutdown of the plc detected and
the values ​​are recorded. Raspberry Pi can be used as plc without any other system
inputs. But without this input, data values ​​will never be persistent. However the Plc
code is always saved to disk.
  Plc with Raspberry Pi capability is not in the world yet. Imagine a plc with hdmi
screen, keyboard, mouse, wifi, ethernet, bluetooth, serial port, Lcd, gigabyte of disk
space, cpu with 4 cores and faster than 1 GHz.
  The cheapest plc is even more expensive than the Raspberry Pi. You can get the
plc for just $10
  You can choose the appropriate equipment yourself. Besides onboard inputs and
outputs, you can design IO cards working with SPI. You can reach 16384 input /
output capacity.  All IOs can be read and written within only 50 ms. You can produce
specific cards. For example; You can create a servo control card and add it as a plc
expansion module. The cost of the card with 16 digital inputs and 16 digital output we
designed is only $5. Cost of the card with 8 analog input is $10. You can purchase the
projects of all these tested circuits from us.
  You can be a plc manufacturer without making any R&D. You can use it for your
own needs or sell it. The Speed ​​Plc program can start with your logo.
  The easy, fast and highly capable features of the Speed ​​Plc editor program are an
advantage in itself.
  And you can start working at zero cost. You do not have to buy anything from us.
Speed ​​Plc program can be used freely up to 2 kb plc code. You can be a plc
manufacturer without buying anything. There is no restriction on the amount of plc
you sell or use, and there is no charge for production.
  The Speed ​​Plc system is produced as a result of long R&D work. It is newly
offered to market. We will continue to develop rapidly. We will first upgrade the plc
command set and add new commands that are not exist in current PLCs. Then the web
interface and the HMI interface will be added to the system.
  The only disadvantage we can find for now is originating from the Java virtual
machine. Speed ​​plc firmware is written in Java for Raspberr Pi. Java occasionally
performs garbage collection. For this reason, the cycle time can be extended
independently of the plc code. In the tests, 3-5 milliseconds per minute, and 3-5 times
per day, 100 millisecond of cycle time extensions were observed.