KNX BMS Network

EIB/KNX System

EIB/KNX System KNX EIB is abbreviation for “European Installation Bus” which is decentralized open system to manage and control electrical devices within a facility, that is by Lighting control “ON/OFF and Dimming”, Shutters Control, Air Conditioning Components, Exhaust fans, … Etc.

KNX EIB System is developed by ABB, Zenio, Berker, Gira, Jung, Merten and Siemens AG. The EIB (European Installation Bus) allows all electrical components to be interconnected through an Electrical Cable Bus Cable. KNX is a standard communication protocol using a twisted pair cable “KNX Cable” as a communication bus between the EIB Electrical components.


A typical EIB network is composed mainly of:

Power Supply

The rated power depending on the number of actuators in the circuit


Communication modules

Used for conversion from KNX Communication to other communication types such serial, USB Interface, Ethernet, Warless WIFI …Etc

KNX Cable

Is a data and power cable at the same time every component is able to send commands to other components, no matter where they are



ON/OFF Switches

Brightness Sensors

Presence Detectors

Room Thermostats

Touch Screen

Fire Alarm Sensors

DALI Devices

Bus Coupler,

Universal Interface, and binary Input devices used as a coupler between any passive switches and KNX Protocol


ON/OFF Actuator

Shutter Actuators

Fan Coil Unit Actuators

Security Actuators