Robotic Pickup and Drop Arm

In material handling industry it is very essential to identify and classify materials as per their characteristics from a moving conveyor. An automated system will be effective on the handling.

Items Required:

  1.  PLC with 4 DI & 4 DO
  2.  Inductive Type Proximity Switch – 1
  3.   Limit switch – 2
  4.  Electro Magnet
  5.  Conveyor System & motor

Bi Directional Motor


When the operator  Press START the system, the conveyor motor will start. The conveyor motor will stop when an object is detected by the Proximity Switch 1. Then the moving arm will rotate to the object by starting the bi-directional motor to left side. When the left side limit switch feedback is on, the motor will stop and electromagnet fixed at the tip of the arm will be activated. Then the object is attracted and held in the magnet. The Motor will start to move on the right side. When the right side limit switch is active motor will stop and the electromagnet will get deactivated. Thus the object held in the arm will get dropped in to the box. Again the conveyor system will start moving and the process repeat untill the operator stop the process.