Selenium Wrapper Automation

Selenium is skyrocketing in the automation tools industry since enterprises are increasingly using web applications. So, we will see more and more vendor tools providers that will support Selenium technology to automate web application testing. These tools will work around Selenium as a wrapper by integrating Selenium Web Driver with the backend architecture. This integration will not only help test the client applications but also test web applications via-à-is the interactions by pulling the APIs.Considering the above trends, predictions, and statistics, we see a brighter future of test automation in 2016 and beyond. The areas such as DevOps, containerization, continuous integrations and shift left testing will grab the most attention while QA enterprises and test automation engineers will find exciting opportunities in the area of big data, mobile and API testing With this, we hope that all the test automation professionals and enterprises seize the emerging opportunities in the global testing market, which is estimated to reach US $50 billion by 2020 by NASSCOM.