SIEMENS-DESIGODesigo is the most flexible building management system of its time .With its flexible programming, scalability and modular design, it simplifies the control, monitoring and optimization of one or more disciplines in a building.

The integrated management system maximizes safety and comfort, boosts efficiency and permanently saves costs while providing sustainable improvements to the company’s performance and image.  The Desigo Insight management station allows you to check and operate your building automation system from a central location. Its modular, user-friendly software makes operation easy and intuitive and prevents errors.

  • Building management – central and convenient

  Operate and control your building automation system from one central location. Energy-saving applications help you meet the requirements for the highest efficiency classes under European Standard EN 15232. Lower energy costs with Green Leaf symbol and energy-efficient applications. Detailed data for decision making and analysis.  Enhanced operating safety due to user-specific displays.  Efficient operation via web based remote access.

  • Room automation – efficient and flexible

    Desigo will helps Controlling and monitoring all disciplines within a room. In addition, room users can play an active role in the energy management process by using the energy efficiency function Room OptiControl and the Green Leaf symbol – lowering energy consumption by up to 25 percent. Higher room flexibility, lower operating costs. Attractive comfort with intuitive operation all room disciplines can be operated via a single room operator unit – which is so simple to use those operator errors. High level of safety because of an experienced, reliable


  • Plant automation – flexibly scalable

      The Desigo automation stations and operator units will control and monitor building systems efficiently.  Maximum scalability for individual requirements for the freely programmable automation stations and operator units can be optimally matched the requirements.  Open system architecture and easy integration this makes it possible to also integrate third-party systems and components easily and cost-effectively. It is based on the energy efficiency based on tested applications. Operating option suitable for any  requirement.