Once considered impractical for applications requiring responsive animation and real-time control, a new breed of web-based HMI system is starting to appear on plant floors and in manufacturing enterprises. “Java (web) based systems can now deliver sub-second response, rich animation and natural integration with other parts of the corporate information infrastructure. web-based systems can economically be extended to every aspect of a business such as QC, maintenance, logistics,  plant manager, and so forth. Now every participant in the manufacturing cycle can have unprecedented access to vital plant production information. It’s easy to see why web-based systems are gaining popularity. Web-based systems install and run client applications from any web-browser and when users login they always get the most recent version of an application.   There are no client licenses manage, no tedious software installations, no application files to copy over and no communication configurations to setup. IT departments are willing to embrace technology they understand. All this is in sharp contrast to traditional systems. The economic advantages of using web-based systems are compelling. The bottom line is, web-based HMIs systems fit well with the rest of the enterprise and facilitate the smooth flow of information throughout an organization without unnecessary difficulty and expense.