Light is creating new opportunities in areas as diverse as mini-projectors and data transmission. Osram has developed the world’s smallest blue laser diode in what marks the first step toward the production of tiny projectors that can be installed in cell phones and digital cameras. It may thus soon be possible for mobile terminals to not only show pictures and videos but also project them onto walls. Such projectors create their images line by line from a moving point of light, much like a tube television. In contrast, a new mini video projector generates images like a slide projector – using a powerful light-emitting diode (LED) from Osram, instead of a light bulb. The cell phone-sized pocket projectors can achieve a screen size of up to 127 centimeters. Modulated white LED light can also be used to transmit data wirelessly – without any visible brightness differences. Researchers from Siemens and Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute have set a data-transmission world record of 500 megabits per second with their new technique.